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Blacks Gopro Battery Packs

How long do they last? Our test have concluded that our Go Pro battery packs Power the GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero2 cameras for upto 36 hours. GoPro Hero3 Blacks are powered for up to 18 hours!

How do you connect them? They are connected to the GoPro Heros USB connector, via the 5 meter USB lead you get with Our Power Packs. Most people either use the 'skeleton' housing or 'The Frame' if the camera is being mounted. If the GoPro is on a flat surface no housing is needed.

What size are the Blacks Power Backs? Our GoPro battery pack dimensions are (L)15cm x (W)11cm x (D)5cm

Is there a warranty? Our Power packs come with a 12 month warranty. We just ask that you keep your receipt for proof of purchase and we'll repair or replace any unit that is found defective.

Are there any Safety Features? All of our power packs are fuses with a 5 amp. All fuses are protected in a waterproof fuse holder. It, just takes 30 seconds to replace, if blown.

How many times can I recharge the power pack? Our Power packs have a life cycle of 1000 charges

How long does it take to charge the power pack from flat? Allow about 8 hours for a fully recharge power pack. The charger LED light will show red for charging and green for fully charged. When fully charged the charge automatically switched to trickle charge.

Can I use the Power Pack to power anything else? Simply yes, if its got a usb connector on the device to power the item, you can use our packs. For example, Ipads, Iphones, cameras etc. Our power packs can power any 12volt device such as a monitor, autocue, lighting, cameras etc.

We hope you'll love them too...