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Blacks Gopro Battery Packs

What can we say?  We love our GoPro power packs!  We developed our battery packs for the use with the Go Pro range of cameras. Our power packs power the GoPro Hero, Gopro Hero2 and the new GoPro Hero3 range of white, silver and black professional cameras for up to 36 hours.

Blacksmedia is a collective of photographers and videographers working in the professional broadcasting world, working our equipment to the max to get that HERO shot. When the GoPros were first launched, we fell straight in love with them, but soon found the battery life was in our opinion, poor. So we delevolped our own Blacks Power Packs to our own requirements, to power our range of GoPro heros for long periods of time, for remote locations and in all weather conditions. As soon as our camerman friends saw them, they wanted one, they loved the look, the feel and versatility of the power packs. So slowly we fell into manufacturing one by one for friends, and now you.

Our GoPro power packs are manufactured in the UK by us in Northamptonshire, and come with 12 months warranty. Each GoPro power pack comes in a heavy duty weatherproof bag, a strong carry handle, each Blacks GoPro battery pack has a convenient belt strap, allowing our packs to be hung from the waist. Each power pack comes with a mains charger, 5 metre usb lead to connect your GoPro cameras. Our battery packs will also power any other USB device such as ipads, iphones etc. In addition our GoPro packs will power any 12 volt device such as an autoques, monitors or lighting etc, Ideal for remote working.

We are very proud of our GoPro Power Packs, We hope you'll love them too...