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Blacks Gopro Battery Packs Uses

General Video Most people buy our packs for the portable power, to power the GoPro range of cameras for up to 36 hours!

Time Lapse: Our Blacks GoPro battery packs are great for time lapse photography. Lasting 36 hours with the GoPro Hero and Hero2. The GoPro Hero 3 Blacks have a fantastic life of 18 hours!

Motor Sport: Our power packs are strapped the the roll cage of a car, strapped to a motor bike or go-cart to help the GoPros capture that memorable racing moment. There are no issues of the small GoPros running out of power halfway through a race.

Charging Station: Our packs are commonly used as a portable charging station to charge any usb device, such as Ipad, GoPro Hero camera, I pads, camera batteries etc.

Adventure Sport: Our packs can be mounted in any position so perfect for adventure sports such as mounting our packs to a mirco light, mount our GoPros power packs to your belt to capture your climbing or caving adventure.

Mountain Walking: Capture your 12 hour mounting walk by time lapse or video without the need to change a battery every hour.

We love our power packs, we hope you'll love them too...